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Rev. Dr. Steve OLIVER Teaching in Cambodia

From 13 to 16 August 2018, Rev. Dr. Steve OLIVER, Professor at China Lutheran Seminary (Taiwan, China) and CTS Visiting Faculty, taught an intensive course in Phnom Penh for four students from Cambodian Lutheran Church (CLC).

Dr. OLIVER, who is serving with the LCMS OIM, delivered a 3 credit course (30 hours of classroom instruction) in Theology of the New Testament (CTS Catalogue no. 420) which was attended by Rev. Naro PHIN, Rev. VANN Ravy, Rev. Songim UN and Mr. Kim Nang ROTH.

These church workers are currently completing their B. Th. programme which was offered to them as a result of the joint project in which CTS acts as a degree granting institution, while the LCMS OIM provides necessary human and financial resources.

CTS educational contribution was welcomed by Rev. Peter BUN PHANNA, CLC President, and by Rev. Charles FERRY, LCMS OIM Regional Director for Asia.

Rev. Dr. Steve OLIVER with Students
Rev. J. P. CIMA with Students