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The 31st Graduation Ceremony

On 26 November (Sun) 2017 Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS), which is operated by the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS), launched its 31st graduation ceremony in the assembly hall of Concordia Lutheran School in Kowloon. This year ten students graduated from CTS. They were awarded four kinds of degrees: "Associate in Christian Ministry", "Bachelor of Theology", "Master of Theological Studies" and "Master of Divinity".

The event was attended by many LCHKS pastors, by CTS professors and students, as well as by families and friends of the graduates. Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG, LCHKS President, delivered a sermon, and Rev. Daniel LI, LCHKS First-Vice President led the prayer, while Rev. Paul CHAN, LCHKS Second-Vice President and Chairman of the Seminary Board of Control, said a final benediction.

Furthermore, greetings from CTS partners were shared with the audience. Rev. Arthur RICKMAN conveyed greetings on behalf of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Office of International Mission (LCMS OIM) as its Director of Greater China Area. Rev. Dr. Nicholas TAI, Vice-President and Acting President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS), also greeted and encouraged our graduates, some of whom are privileged to pursue their advanced theological degrees at LTS.

Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG, LCHKS President, Heading the Procession
CTS Graduates of 2017
Rev. Kenneth LAM Leading Singing
Rev. Francis FUNG Reading the Scripture
Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG Preaching
Rev. Daniel LI Leading the Prayer
Rev. Dr. Stephen IP,CTS President, and Mr. YEUNG Chi Ming [Associate in Christian Ministry]
Dr. IP and Ms. CHEUNG Hee [B. Th.]
Dr. IP and Mr. LAM Wai Hung [B. Th.]
Dr. IP and Rev. TAM Man Sang [B. Th.]
Dr. IP and Rev. LAU Siu Ming [MTS]
Dr. IP and Rev. KIANG Lok Man [MTS]
Dr. IP and Rev. KWAN Ying Leong [M. Div.]
Dr. IP and Ms. YEUNG Sui Sum [M. Div.]
Dr. IP and Principal CHAN Kwong Keung [M. Div.]
Rev. Arthur RICKMAN Greeting the Graduates of the LCMS OIM behalf
Rev. Dr. Nicholas TAI Greeting the Graduates on LTS behalf
Rev. Paul CHAN Blessing the Audience
Rev. Sam YEUNG, MC
Rev. Kam Kei FUNG Playing the Piano
Group Photo