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The 32nd Graduation Ceremony

On 24 November 2019 (Sun), Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS), operated by the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS), launched its 32nd graduation ceremony in the hall of Concordia Lutheran School in Kowloon. This year fourteen students graduated from CTS. They were awarded four kinds of degrees: "Associate in Christian Ministry", "Bachelor of Theology", "Master of Theological Studies" and "Master of Divinity".

The event was attended by many LCHKS pastors, by CTS professors and students, as well as by families and friends of the graduates. Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG, LCHKS President, delivered the sermon, and Rev. Daniel LI, LCHKS First Vice President led the prayer, while Rev. Paul CHAN, LCHKS Second Vice President and Chairman of the Seminary Board of Control, said the final benediction.

The four B. Th. graduates came from the Cambodian Lutheran Church (CLC), which indicates the completion of the joint project initiated in 2013. Because of sickness, Rev. Dr. CHOW Siu-Chun (Simon), President of Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) in Hong Kong, could not attend the event and could not convey his word of encouragement based on John 4:31-35 (Reaping the Lord's Harvest).


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