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The Andrew CHIU and James RIMBACH

Memorial Theological Conference






"Christian Education in Missio Dei"





Co-organised by the LCHKS Pastoral Conference and CTS



Lecturer: Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER, CTS Professor, B. A. & M. A. Ed. (Concordia College, River Forest), M. Div. (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis), STM (Yale University), Th. D. (Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary, St. Paul), CTS Professor.
主講: 康德仁博士牧師、協同神學院教授、芝加哥協同大學文學士及教育碩士、聖路易協同神學院道學碩士、耶魯大學神學碩士、明尼蘇達州路德神學院神學博士、香港路德會協同神學院教授。

Interpreter: Rev. Gene FUNG, Vice President and Seminary Chaplain, B. A. & M. Phil. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), M. Div. (The Divinity School of Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Ph. D. Candidate (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, USA).
翻譯: 馮達揚牧師、協同神學院副院長兼院牧、香港中文大學文學士及碩士、香港中文大學崇基學院道學碩士、美國聖路易協同神學院哲學博士候選人。

Respondent: Rev. Dr. Hudson C. K. WONG, CTS Adjunct Professor, B. Eng. (University of Sunderland, UK), M. C. S. (Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong), D. Min. (Christian Leadership Institute, Sunnyvale, US), CTS Adjunct Professor.
回應: 黃振權博士牧師、協同神學院特約教授、英國新特蘭大學工程學士學位、香港信義宗神學院基督教研究碩士、北美基督神學院教牧學博士、香港路德會協同神學院特約教授。

In case you have any questions to the lecturer ( or to the respondent (, please feel free to contact them via email.

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LCHKS Theological Scholarships Awarded to:


Rev. HUANG Hsin Jang 黃信榮牧師
Rev. LEE Ka Keung 李家強牧師
Ms. LAU Ka Yee 劉嘉怡女士

CTS Awards for Outstanding Academic Performance Granted to:


Ms. LAU Ka Yee 劉嘉怡女士
Mr. CHAU Yik Chun 周亦俊先生
Ms. CHAN Wai Hing 陳慧卿女士
Mr. TSANG Chi Chun 曾志竣先生

In appreciation of the legacy of late Rev. Dr. James RIMBACH, CTS presented advanced Hebrew and Greek textbooks to 15 Myanmar students who are currently reading theology at Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) and at the Divinity School of Chung Chi College (The Chinese University of Hong Kong). Their representatives collected 10 sets of the books (out of 15 sets ordered) from the Seminary on 25 September 2020.

Rev. Gene T. Y. FUNG, CTS Vice President and Chaplain [副院長兼院牧馮達揚牧師]
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Dr. RIMBACH served for many years as an eminent educator and missionary in Hong Kong, teaching at CTS and at LTS, and caring for students from other parts of Asia, particularly from Myanmar. Dr. RIMBACH's legacy is nowadays carried on by his sister, Dr. Evangeline RIMBACH, who is in charge of the scholarship named after Dr. RIMBACH.

5 remaining sets picked up on 23 October 2020