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Concordia Conference

Concordia Conference: Professional Development in International Education

at Buena Vista Concordia International School in Shenzhen

(November 2016)

At the request of Rev. Dr. Stephen IP, CTS President, and with assistance from Dr. Darnay CHAN, Principal of Concordia International School - Hong Kong, Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER, CTS Professor, attended the Concordia Conference "Professional Development in International Education" November 18 - 19 at Buena Vista Concordia International School in Shenzhen. 

Under a theme of "Differentiated Teaching and Learning" key note speaker Dr. Kristen NUGENT of Concordia University, Nebraska (USA) led this conference, offered under the auspices of the Christian Education Committee of the Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS).

Conference participants were encouraged to consider the variety of readiness, skill, and interest levels brought by students to any particular subject or class period.  Dr. CARTER intends to continue practicing these concepts also with seminary students who bring to CTS courses a variety of backgrounds as they prepare to lead in the church.

Report by Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER (CTS)

Photos by courtesy of Mr. Sean FORRESTER (LCHKS)

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