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CTS Students Serving the Synod in the Summertime

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In late June 2016 a group of 18 primary (P4 to P6) school pupils from Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary School located in Tuen Mun and operated by the LCHKS visited Topeka (Kansas) in the US, taking part in a servant event launched by LCMS congregations there.

This important cultural and spiritual excursion was organised by Mr. Drew BRADSHAW, CTS student, and by Ms. Nicole BRADSHAW, with the contribution of Mr. Jason TAM, CTS student and an evangelist at Euon Lutheran Church (LCHKS).

While in the US, pupils were engaged in service projects, participated in a vacation bible school at Faith Lutheran Church (LCMS), toured and learned about Lutherans in the Midwest, were exposed to Kansas history and culture, spending time with Faith Lutheran members as their host family.