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Rev. Charles FERRY's Visit to CTS

On 24 May (Thur) 2018 Rev. Charles FERRY, LCMS OIM Regional Director for Asia, visited Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS) in Hong Kong and had a conversation with Rev. Dr. Stephen IP (CTS President), Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER (CTS Professor), Rev. Sam YEUNG (CTS Professor, Director of LCHKS Literature Department) and Dr. Matthew OSEKA (CTS Dean). 

Rev. FERRY affirmed a B. Th. programme which CTS was offering to Cambodian students in collaboration with the LCMS OIM. Thus, CTS will continue to work with theological educators, who are serving the LCMS OIM in Asia, to deliver this service. Furthermore, the idea of a possible deaconess training beneficial both to the LCHKS and to other partners in Asia was discussed and it requires further examination. 

While talking about CTS accreditation commitments, Rev. FERRY promised to explore how the libraries of the LCMS seminaries might help CTS to gain a permanent access to the ATLA database containing theological journals in digital format and to secure a regular supply of new theological publications for CTS library. 

On that occasion, Rev. FERRY appreciated the project of the Chinese edition of Luther's works which is piloted by the LCHKS Literature Department and he assured the Department that this project would be supported by the LCMS in the years to come and that on the LCMS side, there is a strong commitment to continue and to expand this project.