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Seminary Connected to the Life of LCHKS Congregations

救恩堂 (Redemption) visited by 岳誠軒博士 on 16 June 2019, 副院長馮達揚牧師 was preaching, 金鍚泰牧師 (CTS graduate) is a pastor at 救恩堂.

聖道堂 (Holy Word) visited by 岳誠軒博士 on 23 June 2019, 劉小明牧師 (CTS graduate) is a pastor at 聖道堂, 王惠光先生(CTS graduate) was preaching.

聖雅各堂 (St. James) visited by 康德仁博士牧師 on 23 June 2019, 會長戎子由博士牧師 led 60th anniversary worship, 李家強牧師 (CTS graduate) is also serving at 聖雅各堂.

傳恩堂 (Proclaiming Grace) visited by 岳誠軒博士 on 30 June 2019, 林家健牧師 (a member of CTS Board of Control) was preaching, 林牧師 and 楊力生牧師 (CTS professor) serve as pastors at 傳恩堂.

聖雅各堂 (St. James) visited by 岳誠軒博士 on 7 July 2019, 陸展宏牧師 and 李家強牧師 (CTS graduate) led the worship, the photo was taken by 周詠霞女士 (CTS graduate) who is a co-worker at 聖雅各堂. Another CTS student, 陳海威先生, is first from the right in the photo.

沙崙堂 (Sharon) visited by 岳誠軒博士 on 14 July 2019, 祁志偉博士 (CTS professor) and his family are long-standing members of 沙崙堂. 

聖三一堂 (Holy Trinity) visited by 岳誠軒博士 on 21 July 2019.

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