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Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER in South Korea

On 17 April 2019, CTS Professor Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER visited Luther University and its seminary in Seoul, South Korea. President Rev. Dr. Deuk Chil KWON and Prof. Rev. Dr. Jun Hyun KIM, along with Rev. Dr. Hans TRINKLEIN, spent some time in conversation, discussing the work of Luther University.

The Luther University has been publicly recognised recently for its significant development over the last few years. Rev. KIM reminded Dr. CARTER that they had first met years ago at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, where he was a student and Dr. CARTER had brought students from Concordia University, St. Paul, as part of a programme of seminary recruitment.

Prof. Rev. Dr. Jun Hyun KIM (left), Rev. Dr. Deuk Chil KWON (middle), Rev. Dr. Hans TRINKLEIN (right)
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