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The Rimbach Memorial Old Testament Theological Conference


4th September (Fri) 2015



On 4 September (Fri) 2015 The Rimbach Memorial Old Testament Theological Conference "Does Life Make Sense? The Message of the Book of Ecclesiastes" took place. It was organised by the Pastoral Conference of The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod and Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS).


The lecturer was Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER, CTS Professor, while Mr. Justin POON, CTS Faculty, was the respondent. Dr. Ivan YIM served as an interpreter.

The conference was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG, President of The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod, whereas the final benediction was said by Rev. Paul Y. S. CHAN, Chairman of the Seminary Board of Control. At the end, Rev. Daniel Y. S. LI, Chairman of the Pastoral Conference, presented CTS gifts to the lecturer, to the respondent and to 13 Myanmar students who attended that event.

The audience of conference can be estimated at 89 persons including numerous ministers, teachers, seminary students and other eminent guests. The conference was also attended by Rev. Peter KOLB (LCMS Regional Chaplain for Asia), Rev. Dr. Scott F. RISCHE (Pastoral Leadership Institute International) and Rev. Joel SCHEIWE (Church of All Nations in Repulse Bay).

Shortly before the conference CTS arranged a special dinner for 13 Myanmar students who currently study at Hong Kong Protestant seminaries (primarily at LTS). In that dinner participated not only Myanmar students but also Rev. Christa von ZYCHLIN (LTS), Rev. Dr. Wayne NIEMINEN (LTS) and Rev. Dr. Terence FRETHEIM (LTS).

Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG Opening the Conference

Rev. Dr. Stephen IP

Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER and Dr. Ivan YIM


Rev. Daniel LI and Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER

Rev. Daniel LI and Mr. Justin POON

Dinner for Myanmar Students

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