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CIS Easter Celebration

Led by Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER

29 March 2018

At the CIS Easter celebration, part of the time was spent in games with (plastic) eggs, with laughter and fun. Before the games, students presented a quiz game to the assembly, with questions about the life of Jesus and about Easter customs and ceremonies. Rev. Dr. Richard CARTER, Religious Counsellor for CIS, spoke briefly about the Christian understanding of Easter, of Jesus coming alive again after being executed by hanging on a cross.


Dr. CARTER used pictures of chicks coming out of eggs - new life out of hard shells, something like new life coming out of a grave. He also showed a video clip of an NBA game in the US with the winning team celebrating.


Critical thinking time: why is a last minute, winning “dunk” in a basketball game similar to Easter? It appeared that death had won - Jesus was in the grave - and then came the surprise that Jesus won, a surprise that Christians continue to celebrate.

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