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Rimbach Memorial Old Testament Theological Conference


9th September (Fri) 2016

On 9th September (Fri) 2016 Rimbach Memorial Old Testament Theological Conference titled "Luther and Philo: The Reformation Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible Situated against the Legacy of Old" was launched by the Pastoral Conference of The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS) and Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS).

The lecturer was Rev. Dr. Daniel JASTRAM who serves with the LCMS Office of International Mission (LCMS OIM) as a facilitator of theological education for Asia and who is a professor at Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary (Tokyo, Japan).

Rev. Sam L. S. YEUNG (M. Div. & M. Th. [Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong]), Director of LCHKS Literature Department, CTS professor and a Th. D. student at LTS, served as a respondent.

The conference was inaugurated by Rev. Daniel Y. S. LI, First Vice-President of the LCHKS and Chairman of the Pastoral Conference, whereas the final benediction was said by Rev. Paul Y. S. CHAN, Chairman of the Seminary Board of Control. At the end of the conference, Rev. Daniel Y. S. LI, presented gifts to the lecturer, to the respondent and to 12 Myanmar students who attended that event.

The audience of conference can be estimated at 80 persons including numerous ministers, teachers, seminary students and other eminent guests. The conference was also attended by Rev. Arthur RICKMAN, Director of Greater China Area (LCMS OIM), Rev. Carl HANSON, missionary (LCMS OIM) and CTS adjunct faculty, Rev. Peter KOLB, LCMS OIM Chaplain for Asia, Rev. Roy ASKINS, LCMS OIM Director of Communication for Asia, and Rev. Joel SCHEIWE (LCMS), senior pastor of Church of All Nations in Repulse Bay (Hong Kong) and CTS adjunct faculty. Furthermore, Rev. Christa von ZYCHLIN, who is serving at LTS, accompanied Myanmar students. Rev. Dr. Jan Martin DEPNER represented LTS as well.

Shortly before the conference CTS arranged a special dinner for 12 Myanmar students reading theology at Hong Kong Protestant seminaries, primarily at LTS and at Divinity School of Chung Chi College (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

Both the dinner and the conference were aimed at commemorating the legacy of late Dr. RIMBACH who had been serving for many years as an eminent educator and missionary in Hong Kong, teaching at CTS and LTS, and caring for students from other parts of Asia, especially, from Myanmar. Nowadays, Dr. RIMBACH's legacy is treasured by his sisters, Ms. Evangeline and Caroline RIMBACH, who are in charge of the scholarship named after Dr. RIMBACH.

Rev. Daniel LI Opening the Conference

Rev. C. W. LUK Praying

Rev. K. K. LAM Leading the Singing

Principal John CHAN Reading the Scripture

Rev. Dr. Stephen IP Introducing the Lecturer

Rev. Dr. Daniel JASTRAM Lecturing

Response (Rev. Sam YEUNG)

Rev. Simon KWAN Serving as MC

Rev. Daniel LI and Rev. Dr. Daniel JASTRAM

Rev. Daniel LI and Rev. Sam YEUNG

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