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US Pearl Health Clinic Staff Visits CTS

A year ago Mr. Zak WARREN, Clinical Director of Pearl Health Clinic, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in the US, visited Hong Kong and Concordia Theological Seminary. This year Mr. WARREN brought four staff members, two spouses, and an intern to visit mental health and social service agencies in Hong Kong. On 14 February this team came to 68 Begonia Road, visiting first with President Rev. Dr. Allan YUNG, discussing the work of the Synod and its schools. Then the team joined CTS leaders for a meeting and dinner.

In the meeting with the visiting US team were President Rev. Dr. Stephen IP, Dean Dr. Matthew OSEKA, Professor Dr. Richard CARTER, and CTS colleagues including Rev. Sam YEUNG and Rev. Simon KWAN, and Dr. Felix TONG and Mr. Louis Huang of the Family Counseling Centre of Lutheran Social Service. The team had come from a visit to the Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wong Lutheran Home for the Elderly (路德會黃鎮林伉儷安老院), arranged by Rev. Simon KWAN; and from a visit to the Rainbow Centre of Lutheran Social Service, arranged by Mr. Hezon TANG, discussing Lutheran Social Service help for people suffering from addictions and trauma.

Conversation between CTS leaders and the visiting US team discussed the challenges and opportunities for the Church and Seminary in Hong Kong. How can they support people in their stressful life in the city and help those struggling under the pressures of education? While Christian teaching can help people to tell the truth about their struggles and about their strengths, some families and cultures emphasize saving “face.” Can congregations and CTS train people to be aware of struggles and bring help? It might be possible to develop international partnerships or workshops with CTS to do so.


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